Boško Martinović Photography



After a long pause, I took my camera again. Which one? The analog one – It was time for my Yashica FX-3 to wake up again. I bought Ilford PAN 400 roll of film this time, and the 50mm lens is still on. That grain, I love it. Here are a couple of photos – I chose some featuring my daughter, so it’s a series now :).






Another time

One of my common paths through the city leads me next to this magnificent building I take photos of from time to time. Here is a detail. It is the Museum of Vuk and Dositej. The architectural style is eye candy. Here I finally returned that brilliant 50 mm lens, for the last two rolls of film had some unsuccessful photos due to lens focusing issues (the other 50 mm lens I tested at the time).
Going back

At The Barber’s

An old barbershop caught my eye last summer. Right from another time, but still open. Downtown Belgrade is a place of franchise stores and coffeshops today. I’m glad at least certain spots and people preserve the spirit of old times. I’m so happy that I had my old SLR instead of the D-SLR camera with me at that moment.At The Barber's

Greenet café, downtown Belgrade

This photo was initially supposed to be a contrast test, that is, how the (analogue) camera behaves in cases with high contrast. Now, this photo is one of my favourites from the first film. Had I known that I would get this film noír effect, I would have continued to shoot more. The car from the 1980s and the old tram in the distance just contributed to the magic. Of course, the composition of the shot is awful, details are nice,  it’s going to be a big help for future work.

greenet cafe

Kids enjoying winter

This scene reminds me of childhood so much. The grain only adds to the feeling that this is distant past. In fact, it was 2012.


Winter in the park

Yes, I could edit these photos to make the daylight brighter (it was twilight), but they appear more gloomy like this so I left them like this.

In the park

in the park 2

Still life

Ilford HP5 plus 400 really gives that special grain to photographs. This 30-year old camera does wonders with the right film.

Still life