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This time, I was interested in the storm, but I wanted to make an animated gif of a lightning. Since my camera Canon Rebel XS does not have the video function, I used my mobile phone to record the video. The rain hit hard and I had to stay behind the closed window.

The most interesting part of the video was this nearby hit, and I uploaded it on Instagram


Afterwards, I took the 17 individual frames, the relevant ones, and made this animated gif for a better view of the lightning. As you can see, it was a double hit.



In June 2013, I remembered to adjust the white balance on my camera in order to avoid the reddish tone of the photos.

The story was the same as in 2011 take. Shooting photos from my hand and getting lucky. But, this time I tried a completely different approach with the parameters. I used ISO 800 (as opposed to ISO 100), which enabled me to shorten the exposure time. I set the exposure to 1/4 seconds (as opposed to 5 seconds) to avoid getting too bright photos due to high ISO.  Last time, 5 seconds allowed for shaky photos and a higher risk of mistakes. This time 1/4 second exposure is still rather risky (without tripod), but definitely more stable. The problem is that I didn’t have the 5-second time window anymore, to wait for the lightning. When shooting at 1/4 exposure, there is no margin of error, you need to take the photo at exactly the right time, immediately before the lightning hits. Win stability of the image but be ready to lose some really great moments due to shorter exposure.

And… I made it! The photos came out great. Check out my favourites below:







Catch the lightning 1.0

This series of posts does not represent a true Project. It was more of a stubbornness mission and a learning curve. In June 2011, I  wanted to learn to take nice, clear lightning photos. So, I just needed to stay tuned at my window/balcony for a really flashy summer storm :D.
This was my first successful take on this subject, it was June 2011. I was confused about the reddish tone of the photos, totally forgetting about the white balance! 😀 Oh, yes, there is another thing – I wanted to do it without a tripod. The idea is always to get lucky and take a shot at the exactly right time. I used the daytime ISO 100 to achieve contract and then set the exposture to 5 seconds. So, 5-freaking-second exposure without a tripod. What you get is many photos for deletion and a couple of very nice ones. Several seconds is enough time to catch 2-3 lightnings at the same photo, if the storm is severe enough, and you don’t need to stack several photos and edit stuff in Photoshop.

Check the shots out!