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Catch the lightning 1.0

This series of posts does not represent a true Project. It was more of a stubbornness mission and a learning curve. In June 2011, I  wanted to learn to take nice, clear lightning photos. So, I just needed to stay tuned at my window/balcony for a really flashy summer storm :D.
This was my first successful take on this subject, it was June 2011. I was confused about the reddish tone of the photos, totally forgetting about the white balance! 😀 Oh, yes, there is another thing – I wanted to do it without a tripod. The idea is always to get lucky and take a shot at the exactly right time. I used the daytime ISO 100 to achieve contract and then set the exposture to 5 seconds. So, 5-freaking-second exposure without a tripod. What you get is many photos for deletion and a couple of very nice ones. Several seconds is enough time to catch 2-3 lightnings at the same photo, if the storm is severe enough, and you don’t need to stack several photos and edit stuff in Photoshop.

Check the shots out!