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New domain and new ideas

Hi everyone!


 Welcome to my new photo blog. After many years, the “Bosko Martinovic Photography” photo blog is changing, and its domain name as well. The old website served its purpose nicely, and it was even included in the “Web Design Index” due to its interesting design. It will continue to live, but in a different form and with a different content.

So what’s going to be new here on It will host a selection of photos from the previous 400 you had a chance to see, now mainly in 850px width (instead of 640px). The size of the photos is much larger now. I’ll be introducing new sections and categories, such as analogue photography, instagram shots… Some projects shall be presented as blog posts. The contents of this website continue to be protected under the “All rights reserved” clause.

Please, try to bear with me while I prepare everything.